Environmental Knowledge, Climate and Catastrophe

Datum: 4. Mai 2010 | Kategorie: CFPs

Ein Call for Papers mit Katastrophenfokus, der im Speziellen die Effekte von Naturkatastrophen untersucht.

In 2004, The Day After Tomorrow, a rollercoaster drama about a super storm that devastates New York City at the start of a new ice age, was among the top-grossing movies worldwide. A year later, the suddenness of the destruction brought to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina shocked Americans as well as foreign observers and heightened the awareness of natural disasters and their devastating impact on communities. It reminded Americans that natural catastrophes such as the San Francisco Earthquake and the Dust Bowl have played a major role in the history of the American continent, and it alerted them to very current discussions on environmental threats and climate change. Moreover, issues of race, class and the environment came to the forefront and stimulated discussion in the realms of politics and culture, including the various fields of the sciences and the humanities.
The conference will focus on environmental knowledge production in the U.S. by taking as starting points the impact of natural catastrophes and of public debates on climate change and environmental threats. Papers will address the social, political, economic, ecological, and cultural effects of natural catastrophes. At stake will be issues such as disaster management and politics, disaster as spectacle, and the popular imagination of catastrophe which point to the role of language, texts, and the media in creating and limiting knowledge about environmental issues and about the political, economic, and ethical dimensions of the human-nature relationship.

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